Experienced Furniture Removalist Tips

Experienced Furniture Removalist Tips

Experienced Furniture Removalist Tips 

Here we have an experienced furniture removalist opinion and have provided as much information/tips that we could think of, to help better prepare you for your move. One of the biggest things… as with any industry, “the price you pay is what you get!”. If you pay for monkey’s you’ll most probably get monkey’s! 

Finding The Right Furniture Removal Company

Important questions to ask before booking

  1. Are there any extra/other charges that are not included in the quote? 

    The last thing you want to find out at the last minute is that there are other fees you didn’t know about. Such as, GST, tolls, weekend/holiday rates, insurance fees, credit/debit card surcharge etc. 

  2. Do you have insurance and what does it cover? 

    Depending on what the removal company specialises in, there are several insurances one should have. 
    Public liability insurance 
    Marine transit insurance 
    Loading and unloading insurance 
    Storage insurance etc. 
    For peace of mind, we recommend and encourage that you ask for copies of their insurance certificates. A properly insured company will have these on hand and shouldn’t have a problem with. The certificates do not entail private details, so there is no reason they wouldn’t want to provide this upon request. 

    My personal opinion is, if they don’t have it immediately available or hesitate to provide it, then you should have concerns! 

  3. Is a deposit required and if so, is it refundable? 

    When booking so far in advance, or booking moves that extend over several days, you’ll find that a deposit may be required to secure your booking. If a deposit is required, clarify whether this is refundable if you change or cancel your booking! Also ensure that this is either refundable or comes off the total bill amount upon completion of their service. 

  4. How big is your truck? 

    This is very important! One thing you don’t need, is for the company to show up in truck that doesn’t fit half your items. The more loads the company has to do, the longer the entire process. This means you end up spending far more! Just think… It takes 30 minutes to get from the pickup to your delivery address. The company needs to do 2-3 loads, here is an extra hour, on top of what you had prepared for!
    It’s better to over estimate and hire someone with a larger truck than to hire someone with a Ute and trailer, for example! 

    So before you book, don’t always go for the obvious cheaper option (cheaper truck rate). It could be that they are sending a smaller truck but end up having to do more loads. You might get caught paying more than what you would for a bigger truck anyway.

    Truck Sizes

    Below are some examples of what size truck is suitable for your type of move. The size’s are in cubic meter’s, so if someone tells you the length/height of the truck, ask what it works out to be in cubic meter’s. 

    The below are just estimates as it also comes down to how much stuff you have, how bulky your items are and the technique and experience of the company you have hired. An experienced furniture removalist has a unique yet efficient way of loading their truck to fit all your belongings. They also load your items in a certain way, to balance out the weight.

    20m3 – 1 bedroom unit/apartment or single items 
    25m3 – 1-2 bedroom unit/apartment or single items 
    30m3 – 2 bedroom house 
    30m3 – 40m3 – 3 bedroom house 
    40m3 – 50m3 – 3-4 bedroom house 
    55m3 – 4 bedroom house 
    60m3 – 4-5 bedroom house 

  5. How do you charge? 

    Depot to Depot Vs. Call Out  

    Depot to depot

    Means that they charge from when they are leaving their yard, to when they get back. This also means that if they happened to travel through tolls you will also need to cover these. If the depot is based 45 minutes away from you, there is an extra hour and a half you need to pay for. Not to mention truck rates on tolls are much more expensive than car rates! 

    Call out

    Call out is simply to cover the travel either to you or back to their yard. It is only a one way call out, and most times you are not required to cover tolls for travel to and from. With call out’s the only time you cover tolls is during your move. Call out’s are generally calculated off their hourly rate. For example, someone’s hourly rate is $100 and you are based 45 minutes away from their depot/yard, you would pay a $75 call out. 

    This may sound excessive, however, keep in mind a truck’s tolls, gas and general maintenance etc. is far more expensive than your car! 

    Charging increments – Hourly or 15 minute increments 

    Try to avoid booking with anyone who charges in hourly increments, but the choice is obviously entirely up to you. You wouldn’t really want to pay for an extra hours work, if they only worked an extra 5 minutes. 
    Keep this in mind when booking with the cheaper companies… often this is how they make up for charging much less than others! 

  6. Do you have any recent references or reviews? 

    Experienced furniture removalist companies who have readily available references and reviews will usually stand out well above those who don’t. If you don’t need to ask for their references then this should be a great indication of their genuine work whether you can trust them.