We offer cheap furniture removal services and are located in South Brisbane. We don’t charge extra to send out 2 people, however, if you require or would like to request more than 2, let us know as extra charge will apply and will be discuss with you directly.

  • There are no depot to depot charges as we only charge a travel fee.
  • Our hourly rate fee commences only when the truck arrives and stops when the last item is in the house.
  • TME charge in 15 minute increments to the nearest 15 minute mark. For example, if we start at 9am and finish at 1.05pm, you will only be charged until 1pm.
  • We could move your 4 bedroom lowset home, from as little as $300.00. This depends on how well prepared and packed you are on the day, and depends on how long it ends up taking.

Cheap Furniture Removal Service

Local and Internal Moves

Rates based off hourly rate and a travel fee

Starting FROM $120 Per Hour

Ideally, we ask for as much notice as possible when pre-arranging your move. This generally means that the chances of you getting the time and date you prefer is higher. We can however try and fit you in with late notice, but we may not be able to provide as much flexibility. Don’t forget… if you are moving from one level of the apartment building to a few levels up, or moving from one side of your house to the other, then we can help with this too!

Office or Workshop Relocations

From a standalone stall, retail shop or industrial business to an entire city office building, we have the expertise and equipment to handle your move efficiently and with a minimum of disruption. The process starts with a visit to your premises to give you a free, fixed quote.

If you’re looking for help re-fitting your office or workshop before your move, we highly recommend 247 Construction for your shopfitting needs. 247 Construction can be contacted on 0411 440 201 or [email protected]

Container Loads/Unloads

Hourly Rares Starting From $115

Whether you are moving interstate or a long way from home base and have hired a container, we can send 2 people out to help you load the container properly before having it sent away on a rail. The purpose of this is to make it easier to unload at the other end but also reduces the risk of it being stacked incorrectly and reduces the risk of items being damaged in transit. Same goes if you have just had a container of items shipped to Brisbane, we can help unload.

Interstate and Regional QLD Moves

Inventory Form

Our regional QLD and interstate moves are quoted on fixed prices. We request an item inventory list for all moves travelling 200+ kms. The reason for this is partly so you have peace of mind and can mark off your list when everything is being delivered, but also to ensure we will fit all your items carefully and properly in the truck and also to calculate m3 rates. On some occasions, we may also request to inspect your premises prior to offering a final quote… because with interstate and long distant moves we can provide you with a couple of different options – the option we prefer is what we call “Guaranteed Space”, however, we can also look at backloading options for you as well.


Price varies FROM $80.00 per m3 depending on the destination

Backloading is a cheaper option for moving long distances. There are both upsides and downsides for backloading moves. Backloading generally means you are one of many loads in the trip. It could be a case of 3+ different loads in the one trip, meaning that your items are not delivered straight to you.   For example, the first/main load is leaving from the Sunshine Coast and the delivery destination is Canberra. You may only need 20m3 in the truck.

Backloading then means that another customer can also fit on the same load/trip. This next customer may require 25m3 to be picked up from the Gold Coast and delivered to Sydney which would mean both customers here will fit nicely in our truck – the plus side to all of this is you are only paying for the space in the truck that you have used, while the downside to this is it is not a direct trip from your pick up address to your delivery address.

On some occasions, there could be 3-4 different loads in the one main trip, hence why our favourite and personally preferred option is “Guaranteed Space”.

Guaranteed space

Price varies FROM $3,000.00 depending on your destination

This option means that you and only you have the full truck space regardless of whether you fill the truck with your items or not. This means that it’s only your items in the truck and the delivery is literally door to door.

There is no risk of having to wait further days because of other loads in between. Personally, if we were to move, we would look at doing this than anything else… not only for peace of mind but also because we would want our things as quickly as possible without any unexpected or uncontrollable delays.

Heavy and Antique Removals

Pool Table Removals

Custom Wood – Rates starting from $120.00

  • 7 x 3.5 Recreational
  • 8 x 4 Standard Bar Sized      
  • 9 x 4

Slate Table – Rates starting from $250.00

  • 7 x 4  Recreational 
  • 8 x 4 Standard Bar Sized
  • 9 x 4 – 4.5 1 piece slate
  • 9 x 4.5 3 piece slate


Piano – Rates starting from $120.00

  • Upright Piano
  • Baby Grand
  • Piano Grand
  • Piano Pianola

Spa Pool’s – Rates starting from $250.00

One important tip with second hand spa pools is to ensure the spa tub and filters have all been drained properly. This makes the moving process much easier. We can assist with 4 seater to 8 seater spa pools.

Antique Removals

You can trust The Moving Experts with carefully delivering your Vintage antiques, marble top or iron bark tables, or any other items that are heavier than the usual or require extra care.

Packing and Unpacking

Moving house and packing is tiring just thinking about it and is somehow feels like a never ending job. Sometimes we wonder if we are all borderline hoarders’ right? Well let us take care of all your packing and unpacking needs, to make your entire move as hassle free as possible.

Moving Boxes and Essentials

We can provide you with all the right materials for your move. We can deliver them to you when you need them and even buy them back off you once you’re finished with them. We can provide book/glass boxes, large T-Chest boxes for things like linen, wrapping paper to protect your glass items, mattress covers, bubble wrap and more. Contact our office to make an order.