5 Tips on Hiring the Best Removalists

Hiring a Removalist – 5 Tips on Hiring the Best Removalists

If you’re looking to move house anytime soon, getting started on the right note using removalists who will get the job done in a professional and efficient manner should be your main objective. We don’t move very often therefore employing the right personnel should be high on your to-do list.  Here are some of the most important tips on hiring the best removalists. 


Search and Compare


  1. Compare and research options before you decide which removalist to go with. Word of mouth is recommended, secondly, go online and search for removalists reviews (Brisbane Removalists) as well as public forums.


       Asking the right questions to estimate the total cost


  1. Check how long they would estimate the total job to take and do they charge by the hour or a flat rate. Does the time start when they arrive at your pickup location, or is there a return to depot fee. Ask questions about the quality of their movers and years of experience etc. Make a point of telling them you are not interested in using their company if their staff lack the necessary experience.  


       Obtain a written quote


  1. Obtain an inventory list to determine the amount of furniture and boxes (cubic meters). Advise the movers of the results so they can provide an accurate cost. It’s also important to let them know the degree of difficulty in regards to access – stairs, lift, parking etc. Other information such as extra heavy or fragile items should also be disclosed. Ensure you get a written quote itemising all charges.


     Check the details on the contract are correct


  1. Make sure the pickup and deliver details stated on your contract are correct. As well as dates and arrival times. Thoroughly check over the contract to determine any hidden costs. Avoid movers who insist on a full upfront payment. If you are paying a deposit, make double sure the company you are engaging is of a reputable nature and check their cancellation policy before paying any deposit.

  What about insurance?


  1. Do the removalists offer any insurance coverage? Ask to see their certificates of currency for public liability and transit marine insurance. Typically, goods are not covered under these policies if they incur damage during transit – although some policies cover accidental damage during the loading and unloading process, check if your removalists have this in place. Consider taking out additional insurance cover if you have any concerns. If your goods are being held in temporary storage, separate insurance cover will also be required. 


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